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Galerie SAS artists exhibiting during Art Souterrain 2011

Many artists represented by Galerie SAS will take part in the Art souterrain festival, running from February 26th up until march 13th. The opening will occur during the Montreal’s Nuit Blanche ! Many of these projects will be on for one night only, from February 26th to 27th.

Here they are:

Zone 1, Place des arts: Véronique la Perrière M. is presenting a video entitled "Le papier maléfique".

Zone 3, Complexe Guy-Favreau: Peter Gnass presents an installation called "Fatal Error - C for Cut - 2004-11".

Zone 4, Palais des congrès: Jean François Gratton presents a photographic project entitled "Stationnement".

Zone 9, Place de la Cité internationale: 2FIK shows a video entitled "Le Jugement Dernier".

Zone 12, Place Ville Marie: Jean-François Bouchard presents his photographic series "Still Life" in an installation.

Zone 12, Fred Laforge presents a sculpture called "Crâne poilu".

Zone 12, Patrick Bérubé presents an installation project called "Hyperventilation".

Zone 14, Complexe des Ailes: Laurent Craste presents his "Memento" video installation.

Zone 15, Metro McGill: Damiàn Siqueiros presents a photographic project entitled "Femme dans le rôle principale".

For more details, hours, locations, guided tours or iPhone application, please visit the website: Accéder au site d’Art Souterrain


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