Steve Spazuk : Paintings exhibition

Exposition Steve Spazuk

The artist Steve Spazuk will present his works, collectively titled "Je suie" as well as a live, awe-inspiring performance during the vernissage of his exhibition at Gallery SAS. The title of the exhibition is a double-entendre, as ’suie’ means ’soot’ in French, which is a homonym for ’I am.’

The soot, like a light:

In 2001, Spazuk discovered another side to light and created a new technique of drawing and painting.

"It was April 14, 2001, 4 in the morning. A dream woke me up. I saw an image, gray and profound. There were people in a field or a forest; I don’t recall very well. It doesn’t matter. I only know how it was composed, with soot. A small candle and the ashes that it was producing. I went back to sleep with this idea in my head and it was still there when I woke up. It was a sign. Now, I draw with ashes. On the first try, the paper caught on fire. The second time, I used a piece of cardboard. I haven’t stopped since and the rest comes as it does."