Martin Saint-Laurent : Paintings exhibition

Exposition Martin Saint-Laurent

The approach of painter Martin St-Laurent defines itself by an object-aesthetic, bordering between the functional and the ornamental: the object-art, object-place, object-ambiance. His works, which possess a special evocative power, connect us to our memories, enveloping us with the desire to make a deeper connection with the past. His monolithic wood surfaces, worked in oil, Chinese paper and ink, layer the textures and create a perfect marriage between the dull and the brilliant, the line and the point, transparence and opacity.

The works of St-Laurent have always been accompanied by book titles, conceived in order to share a specific impression with the spectator. For this series, the titles will be presented as a natural compliment of the works, directly on the wall. This tactic will be utilized in order to underline the contrast between the organic delicacy of writing and the force of straight lines. The alternating elements of equilibrium and precarity play an important role, illustrating the delicate state of opposition in which we find ourselves. Theatrical, but always in a very a human manner, the work of St-Laurent reinvents our rapport with the object in terms of time and space.

From September 17 - 27, 2003, you will have the opportunity to view the artist’s work. Martin St-Laurent is a part of the permanent collection of Gallery SAS.