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Damian Siqueiros exhibits "The Rites of Gender" in Espacio Mexico

Damian Siqueiros Los ritos de género (The Rites of Gender) from April 14th until June 11th in Espacio Mexico.

In Los ritos de género (The rites of Gender), visual artist Damian Siqueiros, uses the iconographic language of classical religious Art to subtly explore the matter of gender identity and its diversity. The rite, as an expression of established rules and ceremonies of a religion are exercised trough out history until they are inscribed in the collective imaginary. In the work of the artist, the rite becomes a metaphor of regulations and rituals that make gender identities intelligible.

Combining emblematic elements of editorial photography and those of classical religious paintings, the images presented at this exhibition question Gender Identity and invite the spectator to ponder on its complexity. By means of his carefully constructed and staged photographs, the artist blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, and by doing so he evokes the invisible, the spiritual.

Opening on Thursday April 14th at 5:30. Espacio México 2055, RUE PEEL, MONTREAL,


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