Mateo M : Paintings and drawings exhibition

Exposition Mateo M

"Invincible Movements" is the title chosen by Matéo M. for this new series of original artwork painted on wood.

The movements in question are nothing less than those of the human soul in all its complexities. We find in these works individuals and symbols suggesting the variety and the power of the emotions that are within each of us, that surround us. They may sometimes be sudden and incontrollable or other times express something from another period in one’s life or maybe, a past life. Thanks to this unique marriage of symbolism, abstraction and emblematic that Matéo expresses brilliantly, it becomes possible to convey an emotion, a context, a contagious energy in a distinctively post-modern atmosphere.

Without brushes but with a panoply of spatulas, trowels, knives and other tools, Matéo M. succeeds in constructing surprising, well textured surfaces, on which are set colors and stamps.

The artist has recently taken part of the artistic venue Cinco, during which he painted live for the public, proving beyond doubt that he is capable of great spontaneity and that he masters his chose vocation. This series presents Matéo M’s characteristic passion, his strong palette of color, his synthetic flow capable of expressing the energy of an emotion in just a few strokes, thus, the invincible movements of our hearts, presented to all.