Maryline Lemaitre : Paintings exhibition

Exposition Maryline Lemaitre

For the first time in Montréal, Maryline Lemaitre is exhibiting a new series of original works, exclusively at Gallery SAS. The travels of this artist have rendered her very sensitive to her surroundings and imprinted her work with a serious refinement.

Born in France, Maryline Lemaitre followed her studies in literature and psychology, followed by textiles. Finally, she gave into her travelling instincts and spent eight years in Asia, living in Singapore and Hong Kong before settling down in Montréal.

Maryline Lemaitre likes to use Chinese and Japanese calligraphy paper, which she considers to be works of art in and of themselves. She explores writing and abstraction, according a special place to color and texture, which she obtains via the use of collage, stencil and plaster, among others. Her work is executed in consideration of spontaneity and a new outlook.