Bernard Levesque : Vernissage

Exposition Bernard Levesque

The former periods of artistic studies of Bernard Lévesque gave him the opportunity to examine and confront various creative challenges, all contributing to his practical development. Having an insatiable thirst f or spirituality, Lévesque finds solace in his faith in God, which he considers integral to his artistic creation. Meditation and contemplation occupy an important part of his daily life and he feels it his duty to transmit the feelings attained from these moments into his work.

The artist has produced various works painted on wood. His characters take their places in abstract contexts, surrounded by angular textures and shimmering colors that bring a poetic feeling to life. These unrealistically-rounded figures appear and disappear according to the artist’s whimsy; the effect is heightened by his use of glaze.

His first two exhibitions in Montréal were very successful. Preferring not to interpret his works directly, Lévesque wishes to take the spectator on a trip in which his/her interpretation changes according to personal associations and implications. His creative process is one of instinct and intuition, coming together in order to celebrate life.

Gallery SAS is proud to present this talented artist and to begin a new collaborative chapter between he and the gallery.