Mouvements Focalisés : Mouvements Focalises (Focussed Movements)

Exposition Mouvements Focalisés

The [sas] Gallery presents on September 2nd 2004 the photographic exhibit fused with contemporary dance: "Mouvements focalises" underlining the talent of 11 choreographers and 11 photographers from Montreal, virtuosos in their respective artistic fields. The following creative tangents take part in this project : Edouar Lock / Carl Lessard, Louise Lecavallier / Brigitte Henry, Dani?le Denoyer / Jean-Claude Lussier, Jocelyne Montpetit / Leda et Pierre St-Jacques, Tedi Tafel / Martin Laporte, Jose Navas / Valerie Simmons, Daniel Leveille / Rolline Laporte, Louise Bedard / Richard Bernardin, Catherine Tardif / Roger Proulx, BBT (v.f.) / Andrew Law and a portrait of Jean-Pierre Perreault by Angelo Barsetti. Associated by twos and accompanied by the theme of movement, these two universes will unite their sensitivities and their visions in a common creative pulse to realize these unique photographic works and labors of intense emotion. This production will be exposed during the vernissage that will be held in suite #416 of the Belgo building, located at 372 Ste Catherine West.

Rooted in the cultural environment of the Belgo building since 2001, the [sas] gallery actively participates in the feverish enthusiasm that has gripped Montreal in regard to contemporary art. Inclined towards the diffusion and recognition of the avant-garde artist. The gallery initiates innovative events that favor the complimenting and unifying of disciplines and is dedicated to making contemporary art accessible and permable to the gratter public. It is in this spirit that the gallery is organising this event where contemporary dance will be spotlighted and brought to the public eye by the vision of the photographers` creativity.

For the vitality, unity and exceptional artistic quality of its creations, Montreal is considered the international capitol of contemporary dance. Recognized and praised both here and abroad, contemporary dance still remains unknown to the general public since it is usually associated with the hermeneutic stigma and thought to be held only for those already initiated within its field. Furthermore, this art influences and inspires other creative spheres, associating networks in choreography, as well as musical and visual ones. In the current wave of change which favors the mix of disciplines and genres, dance is a catalyst, an auspicious realm for inspiring and complimenting creative fusions. In an accessible convivial format, the exhibit "MOUVEMENTS FOCALISES" wants to reveal this double dimension of contemporary dance by inciting you, the observer to watch with a new vision, through new eyes, to recognize your contribution, your pertinence and your legitimacy in the heart of this artistic community, and thereby, making official the relationship between yourself and the visual arts as you walk along the bridge that is photography.