Amélie Desjardins, Bruno Gareau et Karine Giboulo : Triple Views

Exposition Amélie Desjardins, Bruno Gareau et Karine Giboulo

The exhibition "Triple Views" will gather three artists: Amélie Desjardins, Bruno Gareau and Karine Gibouleau.

These three artists, coming from the same generational perspective, express critics of our society and analyze the individual rapport with life. Bruno Gareau and Karine Gibouleau bring an ironic, as well as instructive, critic on contemporary society and utilize humor in their approach to their narrative messages. The works of these artists leaves the spectator no choice but to reflect on his/her place in society and their immediate environment.

As for Amélie, the critic that she offers does not express itself so much in its conceptual being, but rather by the symbolism employed to express the ideas. The first image she wishes to transmit to us is that of an approach toward the void. By transferring photography onto a canvas, she works as a type of filter, moving and modulating the elements that are at her disposal. Her subject matter is related to journeying, using such symbols as bridges, electric wires and windmills.

Bruno Gareau orients his artistic practice toward painting, adding certain techniques usually found in collage. Acting with a willingness to deconstruct rational logic, he creates his images by associating the obscure interconnectedness of popular culture and more traditional themes. His tableau are bursting with color, creating spaces with a certain enigmatic quality in which can be found certain media-created clichés and the Modernist pictoral heritage. He is currently refining his practice by pursuing a master’s degree in visual and media arts at the University of Québec of Montréal.

Karine Gibouleau is a student of art history at the University of Montreal. She takes a whimsical, narrative approach in her observations of humans and society. Without waxing moralist, her pieces provoke reflection and laughter. In keeping with her goal to communicate effectively with the public, her technique incorporates elements of installation, drawing, engraving and animated illustration.