Sylvain Dumais : (dé)routes

Exposition Sylvain Dumais

The exhibition (dé)routes by the Montreal photographer Sylvain Dumais will be held for the first time at Gallery SAS throughout March and April.

For his first solo exhibition, Sylvain Dumais presents intriguing symmetrical landscapes, created from various images taken while driving. He gathered these images from the lost and isolated roads throughout Gaspésie, finding himself marvelled by the continuous countryside and self-altering road.

He draws a parallel between the inherent design of the roads and the famous Rorschach psychological test. He wishes for the spectator to dive into the tableau and go toward the unknown with him; in addition to travelling with him, he wishes us to stop with him as well, in order to appreciate the reinterpreted universe in the photos. A viewing of Dumais’ work is an embarkation on a journey in which the world is in constant transformation, straddling reality and imagination.

A video installation recorded in 8mm, made in collaboration with actor/director Mathieu Grondin, will accompany the photos in illuminated boxes.

The series is an initial exploration of vagrancy and freedom. The artist will continue his exploration later with trips throughout Canada and the United States, transforming his vehicle into a moving camera obscura.

Sylvain Dumais lives and works in Montreal. Self-taught and multidisciplinary, he marks his environments with photography, emphasizing their emotive qualities. He is love of travel opens his eyes to the relationships and perceptions we have with our physical environments, those we have in common primarily. He participates in several creative ventures, among which are the magazine "Urbania", the band Plywood 3/4, the artist center Espace F and the Video and Photo Intervention Group.