Suzanne Saint-Pierre : Recent Works

Exposition Suzanne Saint-Pierre

Gallery SAS will present the most recent works of Suzanne Saint-Pierre, gathering around 15 works from the artist. Always in search of freedom, the artist offers us a new series in which geometric shapes occupy the focal point of abstract landscapes.

Attracted to the creative process since her youth, Suzanne Saint-Pierre exercises her passion by creating intense visual works. Trained first in the studio of Brother Jérome, where she discovered her ease with a very gestural style, she continued her development throughout the years by executing several internships and apprenticeships. For a time, she actualized her passion for art by giving painting lessons in her own studio. For the past 5 years, she has been able to devote all of her time to creating her works.

The canvases exhibited show detailed, meticulous work wherein there are intricate pencilings, glossed over and blended with acrylic. The apparent simplicity created by the use of pale colors as the base allows the geometric shapes to shine through. Constructed with luminous shades, often earth-toned, the figures come alive and establish a tranquil tableau, occasionally interrupted by fissures or other anomalies. Black lines, maintaining a link with reality, add a dynamism to the compositions and link the interior spaces thereof.

Intuition and spontaneity are what guide the creative force of Suzanne Saint-Pierre. Also, inspite of the abstract nature of her images, she notes the referential qualities of the aesthetic components of her works. The geometry in her works begins to suggest specific entities and lends a certain symbolic characteristic to her work. The feeling of concealment in her works forces us to search for ourselves the meaning in the universes she creates on her canvases.