L’école alternative les Petits-Castors de Longueuil : Little by Little

Collective Art Project: Little by Little

The students of the Little Beavers Alternative School of Longueuil at Gallery SAS:

An event conceived by the artist Carole Beauvais, the project will bring together the students (5 - 12 years old) from the LIttle Beavers school, the school of Marie-Victorin and artists of various disciplines. The students will construct, in collaboration with the artists, a collective artwork inside the gallery.

The public will have the opportunity to buy parts of the work, with the proceeds going to financing of arts materials and cultural field trips for the children.

Each day during the week of the event, two groups of five students will work on their piece in the gallery. This will give the students the chance to learn from professional artists and participate in a stimulating cultural milieu.

Carole Beauvais will prepare the students by giving them workshops in the days preceding the event, specifically on abstract art. This will teach the children how to express themselves simply but effectively and bring to their attention various approaches to the concept of visual art. Moreover, the children will learn how to work in a team, how to communicate their ideas, the execution of a creative project, as well as critical judgment skills.

Gallery SAS is proud to take part in this educational endeavor in partnership with the Little Beavers Alternative School, which supports integrative learning and community participation.