Onetop : T-shirt Graphic Design Contest

Exposition Onetop

From June 6 - July 30, Gallery SAS will present the third edition of Onetop, the event that exposes the winners of a graphic design contest in which the winners’ designs will be printed on a series of t-shirts. The jury for this year’s contest was as follows:

Emilie Dubreuil - journaliste from the Radio-Canada show "Macadam Tribu" Philippe Lamarre - founder and editor in chief of the magazine "Urabania" Frédéric Metz - director of the Department of Design at UQAM Denis Desro - fashion editor in chief of the magazine Elle Québec

The vernissage will be held Monday, June 6 at 5:30.

The winners are:

Nicholas Hanna
Mathieu Lebuis
Joanie Turmel
Robin Poulin Lemieux
Philippe Roy
Audrey Auclair
Cedric Houin
Sylvain Thomin
Melanie Casavant
Riccardo Cellere
Chris Tucker
Cristine Francescutti
Jean-Sebastien Baillat
Richard Lopez
Marc-Antoine Jacques
Vincent Lapierre
Marjolaine Samson
Michel Cayouette
Sebastien Lepine
Dominic Dauphinais
Francois Maisonneuve
Emmanuelle Vincent
David Champagne
Annie Bastien
Karine Gibouleau

The t-shirt transforms the human body into an image, travelling through time like a catalogue of historical moments. Being uniform and unisex, it is something which no generation can manage to leave behind; it transcends class boundaries, thanks to its lack of a collar. It is a blank page that soaks up everything, from trends to the varied shapes of our bodies.