Roger Proulx : Intra

Exposition Roger Proulx

In spite of a more complex usage of technologies, contemporary lifestyle lead human beings to experience a greater amount of loneliness. This solitude can be felt in public or private settings. However, artist Roger Proulx has chosen to build on a narrative content in which the domestic environment is favoured. His research is based on the evolution of one character, photographed inside a whole set of immaculate rooms and empty spaces. By doing so, the artist invites us to wander through his images and pay attention to the emotions that are depicted in them. Roger Proulx also wants to underline the beauty of his characters by paying an hommage to their simplicity, their seduction, their sensuality and their soul.

The generally negative perception of loneliness is not meant to be found in this series of photographs. Rather, the choice of placing someone alone in a deserted place has more to do, according to the artist, with a serene and a reflective state of mind. The warm and surrounding aspects of the images, although also showing passivity, demonstrate the influence of such introspective moments and their importance in someone’s life.