Reasons :

The training offered by school and universities are necessary but sadly insufficient where starting a career in the world of Visual Arts is concerned. The students do not stop to take full advantage of resources so much so that they do not gain much experience in the field. Their theoretical vision of the profession gives them little assets to interest a potential employer or to take part in an artistic undertaking. An active and real participation in a project of an artist which they have chosen according to their needs will be able consequently to answers the questions which could otherwise discourage them if left unanswered.

proposals :

Galerie [sas] offers a new innovative platform for free training intended for to those who devote their professional lives to Visual Arts. We determine the needs of the candidate and suggest a project from which the artist will be able to profit on a purely personal basis. The artist will select a program and an artist with whom they will collaborate throughout the course of his or her stage. In other terms, the intern candidate with choose from various mediums; paint, photography, sculpture or video, and will then focus on one of the following tasks: Organization of an exhibition in an artist center, an Embassy, a House of the Culture, a residence, a contest or simply the creation of a portfolio.

The entire process is promotional and non-lucrative, but intended to help not only the intern but also the selected artist.

Objectives :

The gallery has found a non-lucrative training laboratory to help students and artists who wish to learn more about the market of art and it’s various components. We propose several programs which clarify the aspects important to the art market. The idea is centralized around supporting the students or individuals who wish to pursue a career in art by providing the guidance and advice of working solely on one project of their choice among those proposed.

Report :

Since the TM gallery was founded in 1998 and SAS gallery opened in 2002 in Belgo, we had many requests from artists and the public concerning information related to the presentation of a portfolio, the assembly of an exhibition, the participation in contests and residencies or quite simply the composition of a press release. That led us to want to inform and prepare the artists and the people having a bond with the market of art in their proposal of the training courses adapted to their need all while keeping them within an adequate professional structure.

Overview :

The training department has been in study since March 2004 and will be operational as of November 2004.

We seek trainees to analyze the relevance and the impact of this project on the artistic environment.