Mateo M : Exorcism

Exposition Mateo M

After the completion of his first degree in communcication images in Marseilles in 1994, then a second at the National School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 1997, Matéo M. found his way to Montréal and became artistic director for several organisms: ARIA, the White Party, Snowlab Design, Rogers A&T, Leda and St. Jacques Productions.

Matéo M. has always drawn and painted in a very instinctive, natural manner. He is also one of the rare artists to have performed digital painting for several events, notably for Cirque du Soleil and the Just For Laughs festival.

Matéo M. seeks to utilize a visual language that is equally as powerful, if not moreso, than that of the spoken word. In his work we find characters and symbols that evoke all of the emotions that surround and inhabit us, as well as the projections of these emotions into the environment, both physical and intangible; this renders his work very post-modern.

With an assortment of tools rather than with brushes, Matéo M. constructs surprising surfaces with strong textures on which he spontaneously splashes colors, prints and lines. In his new series of works, one finds a well-executed synthesis of restrained colors and physical enthusiasm. Diving into the works of Matéo M. is like jumping into a space where our emotions and minds are opened to powerful moments of truth and intensity.