Nuit Blanche : Nuit Blanche 2006

Exposition Nuit Blanche

Within the framework of the third edition of Nuit Blanche de Montréal, which will take place February 25, 2006, Gallery SAS will present the work and performances of the following artists:

Renata Morales:
The renowned fashion designer will present her paintings, an aspect of her creative process that complements her work in the world of high fashion.

Karine Gibouleau:
"Bubbles of Life" - The artists presents to us her vision of the world via an installation of floating bubbles, each one containing a playful and ironic caricature of reality. Amusing as much as they are thought-provoking, these bubbles of life provoke reflection on the human condition in all its aspects.

Aislinn Leggett:
"Dialogue between Obscurity and Consciousness" - An exhibition of two photographers on the theme of the impact as well as the obscurity of the subconscious on our perceptions of reality.

Katheryne Pichette:
"The Marvelous Aesthetic of Nothing of Mariane K." - An exhibition of photography that, thanks to a theatrical production in which can be found painting, embroidery and digital collages, creates a fantastic world of intriguing characters.

Maguy Carpentier:
"The Imbalance of Stratified Memory: Reminiscence, Phase II: Subsequence" - An installation in which the artist gives life to his ancestors. Thanks to his autobiographical work and psychoanalysis, Carpentier opens the doors to his subconscious in order to communicate the fragility of life in the face of death.

Maryline Lemaitre:
"Tell Me a Story" - The presentation of a dialouge in the form of a mural installation of 36 works (paintings, collages, photos) produced with her son and based on the principle of the ’exquisite corpse’ of the Surrealists; it is a revision of the generational conflict of synonym/anonym.

Suzanne Saint-Pierre:
For the evening, the artist will transform the gallery into a studio in which she will work on her canvases.

Moreover, in partnership with Nuit Blanche de Montréal and Place des Arts, Gallery SAS will present a digital painting performance by Matéo M. in the Hall des Pas Perdus at Place des Arts. Matéo will draw with light on the bodies of visitors and in order to immortalize his ephemeral works, will photograph and record them on cameral.