Gallery SAS wishes to underline the diversity of the visual arts via its repertoire of talented young and mid-career artists. The visibility of Gallery SAS allows the artists’ work to be exposed to a diverse public, including critics, dealers, collectors, academia and business people. Besides its role as an exhibitor of contemporary art, the gallery also plays a role in expanding public interest in the field.

The artists receive support from the gallery and the exhibition of their works is achieved by a well-utilized system of relationships with various artistic institutions; these establishments include galleries, museums, and various governmental agencies.


Gallery SAS works with both established and new art spectators, thereby increasing the viability of the art market.

The gallery alternates between established works that have passed through the art world at various levels, and more event-oriented activities that recognize upcoming talent while simultaneously contributing to the community. Some examples of these high-profile events include the Lux photography contest, the Onetop graphic design concept, and dance/plastic arts presentations.

One of the challenges Gallery SAS has established for itself is to execute a bi-anual exhibition that will be highly visible throughout North America and Europe and presents highly original, challenging work from up and coming artists.

The gallery also assures itself access to the most innovative and fresh ideas by working with students from four of the most prestigious universities in Canada, offering them internships in order to better educate them about the realities of the art market. Also, in working closely with these institutions, the gallery establishes for itself a critical, academic legitimacy in addition to a commercial one.

Gallery SAS has also cultivated sound business relationships with various European and Asian galleries, which have permitted our artists to present their work in Prague, Paris, and Shanghai.


Gallery SAS was born from the transformation of the Gallery TM, which was founded in December 1998 in Montréal. From that point on, the gallery strengthened its ties with the most promising of its artists and has since guided and developped their careers in favor of a more international market.

Since 2002, Gallery SAS has specialized in the representation of various Canadian and French artists whose careers are beginning to solidify.

Since its inception in 2002, the gallery has been situated in the very heart of downtown Montréal in the Belgo Building, a locale at the forefront of international contemporary art. Other institutions calling the building home include the galleries Optica, René Blouin, and Roger Bellemare. Frédéric Loury, the director and proprietor of Gallery SAS, exhibits and represents some 15 or more artists working with various media. All artists are represented exclusively in North America by the gallery and the exhibitions are organized in a way so as to permit 10 per year; each time there are new works exhibited along with selected pieces from the permanent collection.