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Karine Giboulo at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Karine Giboulo’s piece entitled « All you can eat » will be presented at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts from September 1st to March 27, 2011. This work will stand within the framework of the exhibition entitled, “La terre est bleue comme une orange.”

“All you can eat,” created in 2008, lays a critical eye on food and over-consumption with a sarcastic and humourous tone. It is also a tribute for the millions of Chinese workers who are living and working in immense industrial complexes to satisfy our need for consumption at the lowest price. Acquired by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 2009, “All you can eat” has been exhibited at the Montreal Place des arts during the 2008 edition of the Nuit Blanche, in galerie sas during November 2008, and at the Montreal World Trade Center during the first edition of Art Souterrain in February 2009.

“La terre est bleue comme une orange” is the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ second contemporary art presentation in the renewed gallery spaces. It showcases roughly 30 pieces, the majority being recently acquired or on loan, where we find a sense of the marvelous. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and video, all made by Canadian, American and Japanese artists, open doors to the viewers who can suddenly, for a brief moment, view the world through a new lens.


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